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What type of wood are your products made out of?
Our products are made out of Cedar & Cedar Tone wood.
We choose this wood so our products would last many years outdoors and be able to withstand any type of weather year round.

Is bird/squirrel food included in the purchase of our feeders?
Unfortunately No, but we do have suggestions on what type of feed to use.
See our list below for what we buy for our critter and bird feeders:

Peanuts = Brown's Song Blend, Unsalted in Shell whole peanuts 10 lb bag.
Critter Corn = C & S Sweet Corn Squirrel Log 2 pack or Critter Corn at your local pet store.
We also fill our feeders with black sunflower seeds, fruit and berries.

Do we ship anywhere in the US?

Do we ship overseas?
Unfortunately, No.

Do you work with Wildlife Rescue Organizations?
If you are a wildlife rescue organization or a wildlife rehabilitator, please contact us.
We would love to work with you and provide discounts.
If you are in need of an item(s) for your rescue work that you do not see available or perhaps one you would like changed/modified for your specific line of work, please let us know!

Are the products available in any other types of wood?
Yes, although all of our stock is made out of rough cut cedar.
Please contact us to make this request and we will send you a quote.

What brand of Suet Feeders do you use on your products?
We only use Royal Wing Brand Deluxe Suet Feeders.
This is because they are " weather proof, heavy-gauge powder coated steel".
Each Suet Feeder holds 1 Suet Cake.
Royal Wing Suet Feeders have two rounded tabs to pull for opening.

What is your return policy?
We do not accept returns UNLESS your item is received damaged.
If this happens you MUST contact us as soon as possible.
You must also take photo's of the box, and of the damaged product.