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Take a look at past projects we have made!
All are made out of Cedar to last many years
and hold up to any type of weather.

Squirrel Picnic Table Feeder

Squirrel Mansion

Squirrel Bridge

Designed to look like client's house.

View 1

View 2

View 3

Large Bird Feeder with Suet Holders

Large Bird Feeder with Plexi Glass

Picnic Table with Feeder
For Squirrels and Birds

Squirrel House

Small Peanut Feeder

Painted Bird House

Designed to look like client's house.

DISCLAMER: These products are produced by Shaggy's Nut Shack with the intent to provide safe shelter and to contain/hold food for wildlife. Only use products as intended. Our products are made out of natural wood, it is possible and natural for wildlife to chew on products which could result in damage to product and design over time. All of our products are made out of untreated, kiln dried, rough cut cedar. This is so the houses and feeders will have little to no maintenance, and should last for many years. Since the wood is untreated it can expand and contract with weather changes, which means that you may see a gap or two develop over a period of time.

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