Hi! Iím Shaggy. Some call me Mike as well.
I do this because I love animals and I really enjoy building things. I do this so that a critter who winds up moving into one of my houses can avoid getting soaked during the next rain storm, be able to avoid a predator or not be blown out of its nest during the next blizzard. I do this so that critters have a place to go where thereís going to be a food supply (Itís up to you to keep the feeders full!!!), and so they have something to entertain both them and you.
If you purchase one of my creations, thank you from all of the critters who will benefit.

All of our items are created in our shop located in Lincoln, Ne. We only use Cedar to create our products so they will last many years and withstand any kind of weather. We Use Royal Wing Deluxe Suet Feeders on our products.

For our hanging feeders and houses, eyehooks are included and installed so your item is ready to hang when you receive it!

For our feeders and houses that get attached to a tree or fence post, you select at check out which you are going to attach it to, this will insure that your pre drilled holes are correctly positioned and that your item is ready to install when you receive it! 4 Screws will also be included with your purchase. You can also select "No Pre Drilled Holes" if you would like to pre drill your own holes.

Please visit our Store to see all of our available items!

Butterfly House

Squirrel Picnic Table Feeder

Flared Bird House

Squirrel Mansion
Custom Build

Custom Made Guitar Picnic Table
Feeder for Customer

Covered Seed Block Feeder

Squirrel House

Large Bird Feeder with Plexi Glass

Squirrel Peanut Feeder

Corn Holder Squirrel Feeder

Standard Bird House

Triangle Bird House

Double Flared Duplex Bird House

DISCLAMER: These products are produced by Shaggy's Nut Shack with the intent to provide safe shelter and to contain/hold food for wildlife. Only use products as intended. Our products are made out of natural wood, it is possible and natural for wildlife to chew on products which could result in damage to product and design over time. All of our products are made out of untreated, kiln dried, rough cut cedar. This is so the houses and feeders will have little to no maintenance, and should last for many years. Since the wood is untreated it can expand and contract with weather changes, which means that you may see a gap or two develop over a period of time.

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